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E `Imi Pono (Seeking Excellence) at
Hawai`i Community College!
The Island of Hawai`i, with beautiful beaches, lush
rain forests, spectacular mountains and an active
volcano is home to the Intensive English Program at
Hawai`i Community College (Hawai`i CC). Hilo, a quiet,
friendly, and safe town--the second largest in the State
of Hawai`i--gives international students a chance to learn
English in a beautiful and culturally diverse environment
as they experience a different side of Hawai`i and the
United States.

No TOEFL score is necessary to enter Hawaii Community College
when you complete the Intensive English Program Level 4.

Spring II Session Calendar
lDownload a sample schedule here.

Residents--Apply NOW for the IEP Spring II 2014 session.
Orientation for the 8-week session starts on March 19, 2014.
Residents may apply at any time before the start of orientation.

F1 Students--Apply NOW for the IEP
Summer 2014 session.
Orientation for the 8-week session starts on May 21, 2014.

►The application deadline is April 25, 2014

 F1 students!

How to apply:
Please contact us hawcciep@hawaii.edu

Questions? Click here!

Call us at 808 934-2697/ 2698 or email us hawcciep@hawaii.edu for more information.

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Contact us:
Hawaii Community College
Intensive English Program
200 W. Kawili Street
Hilo, Hawai`I 96720-4091
Phone: 808-934-2697 / 2698
Fax: 808-934-2701

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