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“The reason why I chose IEP as my study abroad destination is the IEP’s blog. Through SNS, I was able to learn how the…”

Sachika Nojiri

“After I graduated from high school, I wanted to expand my world where I never seen. I used my saving from my…”

Mieko Yajima


F1 Visa ~Interview~

F1 Visa ~I...

Aloha-! It's Hikari(^-^)! My last post on this blog was "How to get a F1 visa", and I would like to introduce "How to have a F1 visa interview successfully," in this post! Even if you collect all of required documents and you fail the interview, you cannot study...

Icy sweets in Hilo, Big Island

Icy sweets...

Aloha! This is Kano:) Summer vacation is coming to the end. How are you guys doing? Recently, it’s hot. Don’t you want to eat something cold and sweet? I usually eat ice cream when it’s hot out. So I’m going to introduce my favorite icy sweets in Hilo. This is Big...

Pre-arrival information Part #3: What NOT to pack


Aloha from Hilo, Big Island! This post will talk about items that our former students thought that they didn't need to bring from their countries. It's the opposite of the last blog. Of course, each student has different opinions on this but please refer below for...