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Marco – using his English skill in his career
After I graduated from the IEP, I got 2 jobs: in a technical firm and a church.

In the technical firm, I do tool management and programming. I use my English skill to understand operation manuals for machines, and for other tasks. In the church, I use my English to listen to podcasts from churches from all over the world. Both of these jobs require my English skill, so my IEP experience works very well for my career.

Studying in the IEP was a really great time in my life. People are friendly, and the IEP teachers are good. I loved the location of the classrooms which are on the college campus, and I loved the cheerful classrooms. The town of Hilo is absolutely beautiful. And, yes, Hawaii! I wish I could go back!
Emi - getting work experience in the US

I enrolled in the IEP to study English, but I also had two other goals. One was to get a degree in marketing from Hawaii Community College, and the other was to get working experience in the US for my future career.

In the second year of college, I started working on campus as a student employee. I also applied for OPT (Optional Practical Training) and worked on the campus even after I graduated from the college. When my OPT was going to expire, the college sponsored me to get an H1B visa.

Every day I am learning something new from this experience. I can say if I had not decided to come and study in the IEP, I could not have met my goals.


Miya – going abroad as a senior volunteer

The reason why I studied English was to apply as a senior volunteer for JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). I chose the IEP to study English because my friend knew that Hilo is a comfortable and “an old-Hawaii” town where students can focus on their studies. It was a big challenge for me because I had not studied English over 45 years. However, my wife encouraged me and let me go to Hawaii to study English.

Because of my English level, I was placed in the lowest level. I was really worried if I could see my goal, but there is an IEP teacher who blew away my anxiety. She looked into my eye and said “Don’t worry, it will be fine.” I can still see her gentle eyes in my mind. All of the IEP teachers were great and they taught English very well and with patience. They were cheerful and made class fun for the students.

After I went back to Japan, I applied for senior volunteer in Honduras. I passed the test and I was chosen as an alternate. Yes, I saw my goal!

My experience of studying abroad was one of the most fun and fulfilling times in my life. First I thought I was too old to start studying English. However, now I know facing that kind of challenge is a wonderful treasure that helps me to improve myself.


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