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How to Apply(Tourists or Residents)

If you are going to apply for an F1 Visa, please see "How to apply (for F1 students)" page.
There are 5 easy steps:
Step 1: Check Application Deadlines
Click here to see the deadlines and session schedule
Note: These are suggested deadlines. Please contact us
 at hawcciep@hawaii.edu if you are late sending your application.
Step 2: Application form
Click here to download and fill out the application form.
Note: If you are unable to download or open the document please
contact us at hawcciep@hawaii.edu and we will provide you with
the application.
Step 3: Application and optional service fees
Click here to download the Application Fee Form.
Submit a Check, Money Order, or Credit Card information
with the application form.
Step 4: Copy of your passport
Provide a copy of the front page of your passport (the page with your picture, the expiration date of the passport, and your personal information, including your date of birth, country of birth, nationality, etc.) You should also include a copy of the page(s) where changes have been made. For example, if your name was spelled incorrectly on the main page and a correction was made on the following page, you should include a copy of the second page as well.
Step 5: Mail or Email Application materials to:
Hawaii Community College
Intensive English Program  Blg. 379a
1175 Manono st
Hilo, Hawai`I 96720-4091

IEP Hawaii : How to apply (Tourists or Residents)