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Steven Clements, Interim Coordinator 

Steven was born in southern California, and comes from a family of artists. He studied Fine Art and Psychology, and received a BA from Union Institute. He received his MEd from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. He taught drawing workshops at the University of California Extension, Web Page Design and Computer Graphics at the New Media Center, and volunteered as an ESL teacher for refugees at the Sudanese English Project. He began teaching English as a Second Language in 1993. He lived and taught English for 5 years in Kanazawa, on the west coast of Japan. He is an avid traveler, and has visited more than 20 countries. He moved to Hilo in 2004. He loves gardening, snorkeling, and exploring the Big Island of Hawaii.

Steven oversees the IEP Volunteer program, Tutoring for IEP students, and the IEP Computer Lab. He was also the Study Abroad Coordinator for Hawaii Community College.






Gleah Rider

Gleah H. Rider has been teaching English as a Second Language for over 18 years.  She loves teaching and meeting students from different places and cultures.  She graduated from the University of Colorado with a diversified major in Asian Studies.  She has a Masters degree in Reading from the University of California.  She also has Certificates in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Teaching Business English.  She taught English in Japan for 15 years and in Mexico for 1 year. She enjoys teaching, traveling, reading and playing with her grandchildren.



Cybele Stevens

 Cybele grew up on the Big Island, but developed an interest in culture, language and travel at an early age due to summer visits to her motherís hometown, Sevilla, Spain. She studied Cultural Anthropology at UH Manoa and earned her BA with distinction in 2000. She then traveled to Honduras where she taught English for a year in a very rural town. She studied international journalism and professional writing at Boston University and earned an MS in Communications in 2005. She completed her degree with a public relations internship program in England and went on to work as a communications executive in Honolulu. Cybele then returned to her love of teaching English as a Second Language and spent a total of 5 years working in South Korea. She has been teaching at the Intensive English Program for three years and truly loves her job. She also enjoys running, the ocean, and spending time with her very darling young daughter.

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