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IEP students are really unique. Different nationalities, different ages, and different dreams. Are you still wondering if you should start studying English with the IEP? Please read their words!

Nai-Hsin Hsieh (Nancie), Taiwan
Hello everyone, welcome to the IEP. My name is Nancie. I'm from Taiwan. Actually, I have already been here for 2 years, and took IEP classes for one year.
After I graduated from high school, I wanted to improve my English skills. It was also my dream to study in a foreign country. That's why I came here to study and I believe that Hawaii is a good place to learn English. I met so many friends from different countries. When I graduate from the IEP, I will study at Hawaii Community College. Hospitality and Tourism will be my major.
It was a really good experience studying here. Of course, I am also having a lot of fun on the island!
Maya Ishikawa, Japan

My dream is to be a geologist. When I was in junior high school, I was very impressed by the volcano when traveling on the Big Island. Since then, I have longed to study about volcanoes in Hawaii. However, my English wasn’t strong enough to take classes at the University of Hawaii. This was why I decided to study English first in the Intensive English Program.


In the program, I developed basic skills for college classes: writing, reading and listening & speaking. In some activities such as the Rotary Club visit, we communicated with local people from Hilo, and not only improved in English, but also learned Hawaiian culture and history.


Also, I built good relationships with other students and conversation partners. Even after graduating from the IEP, we play tennis together and have parties on the weekend. I have lots of friends in Hilo! I really enjoyed this program, and I learned many things from the instructors and the other international students. 


Now I study Hawaiian volcanoes at the University of Hawaii. My dream is coming true!
Yossakorn Taveekaew (Tong), Thailand

I worked for a bank in Thailand for a long time, but I had been thinking to try something new. Coming to Hawaii to study English was a big decision, but I am enjoying it so much. I love the beauty of nature and the weather in Hawaii. After I improve my English, I want to study in Hawaii Community College and I want to work in a hotel as a concierge. Changing my career from banker to concierge is a very interesting experience, and I love doing something new!


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