Intensive English Program


  • 在夏威夷学英语
  • 无托福成绩要求
  • 学习夏威夷文化风俗和草裙舞


Sachika Nojiri

“高中毕业后我想要扩展我从未见过的世界。我从兼职工作中节省了一大笔钱第一次来到大岛并在这里呆了3个月。。。。” Mieko Yajima

Zip lining in Hilo!

Zip lining...

Aloha! This is Noriko 🙂 How was Christmas day? Were you able to spend with your family and friends? I spent this Christmas in Hilo for the first time since I didn't go back to Japan. So! I went to ziplining on this Christmas!! I’m scared of heights and I was a bit...

Pre-arrival information Part #4: Flight ticket


Aloha from Hilo, Big Island! Once you get your F1 visa, probably the next thing you will prepare is your flight ticket. You may want to arrive early and enjoy the Hawaii islands before you start studying with us. Before you plan your departure date, please see below....