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“The reason why I chose IEP as my study abroad destination is the IEP’s blog. Through SNS, I was able to learn how the…”

Sachika Nojiri

“After I graduated from high school, I wanted to expand my world where I never seen. I used my saving from my…”

Mieko Yajima


Writing & Grammar Level 4 student blog: Why did you choose to study at the IEP?

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Aloha! Today's level 4 blog topic is "Why did you choose to study at the IEP?" When you decide to study abroad, your next question would be where I should study at. Everyone has different reasons why they chose to study at the IEP. It's interesting to learn those...

Writing & Grammar Level 4 student blog: If they could change one thing about the IEP, what would it be.

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Aloha! We enjoy hearing from our students.... It normally takes 1-2 sessions to master one level.  During orientation, we assess each student for placement. In addition, we ask our instructors to assess each student during the first week of the session.  To pass a...