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“The reason why I chose IEP as my study abroad destination is the IEP’s blog. Through SNS, I was able to learn how the…”

Sachika Nojiri

“After I graduated from high school, I wanted to expand my world where I never seen. I used my saving from my…”

Mieko Yajima


Lei Making for Me

Lei Making...

Aloha! Our student worker shared her lei making history with us. From her post, you can learn various styles of lei. Enjoy! Aloha everyone. It’s me, Jessica again. Today I want to talk about different types of lei making that I’ve learned over the years from different...

Mauna Loa Eruption: Story of Pele vs. Poli’ahu

Mauna Loa ...

Aloha! After about two weeks of eruption, Mauna Loa eruption has stopped. This blog was written by our student worker. Aloha everyone. It’s me, Jessica, again. As many people around the world have already heard, our very own Mauna (mountain), Mauna Loa, on our island...

Colored Beaches on the Big Island of Hawai’i

Colored Be...

Aloha! Our student worker wrote this awesome blog about beaches on the Big Island. You can learn how the local people enjoy the beaches. Hi everybody, it’s me, Jessica again here. Today I want to talk about three cool and unique different colored beaches the Big...