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“The reason why I chose IEP as my study abroad destination is the IEP’s blog. Through SNS, I was able to learn how the…”

Sachika Nojiri

“After I graduated from high school, I wanted to expand my world where I never seen. I used my saving from my…”

Mieko Yajima


Writing & Grammar Level 4 student blog: Having a good time to study!!

Writing &#...

Aloha everyone! I'm Yuya, a level 4 student. Today, I will tell you about IEP class life at Hilo. Last week, we went to the University of Hawaii at Hilo and took the class with Linguistics students. We asked questions about the things to learn, country, and many more...

Big Island Road Service

Big Island...

Aloha! This is Kano! How are you guys doing? My car has been broken since the last week. I’m kind of shocked mentally and economically. haha However, it was not accident, and no one got injured. Please don’t worry:) In the last week, I truly understood the significant...