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Aloha-! It’s Hikari;)

Kano had posted a blog about driver’s license before, but I would really like to tell you guys… Because I finally got a permit driver’s license today!!
I have never drove a car and had a license even though I’ve been on Big Island for over 2years and half, because I did not need to drive a car and I always sat on the passenger
But I was thinking how convenient it would be if I can drive, and I was looking for a chance to get my license.
Last week, I was talking with an IEP student, and the student said he wants to get the license. I was like “Yeah let’s do it!” lol So finally I decided to get it.

If you want to know more information of the driver’s license, you should read the blog that Kano posted before. There is a part 2 too.

The IEP student’s name is Kento, decided that we would get our permits today.

Before starting to study, I collected some documents that are required (for F1 student):
→Documents that have your physical address

I was little confused when I collected the documents because I was not really sure which I should bring to the office. Also, I usually do not receive many documents so I did not have much.
So I decided to bring

During studying, I used only Aloha Town Net, this web site has Japanese version and English version! (You can also take permit license test either way)
Of course I took Japanese version!!

This is an example of the Japanese version question of the test on Aloha town net ⬇︎

⬇︎English version

And today, Kento and I went to the driver’s license office at 10:00am!(You don’t have to make an appointment to take the test).

There were about 15 people at the office.
What we did first was fill out the application form, after that we stood in a lane, and the officer checked to make sure our documents that we collected are okay. Depending on which officer is working, their strictness can change. I figured this out before I went because all the people I asked with Driver’s Licenses all told me different things. The lady checking my form was normal. Kento did not have the right documents so he could not take the test… (TT)

After a little bit of waiting, I went inside the office to take the test and Kento had to wait outside. LOL I had to line up again to wait for a window to open up. They checked the documents again here and afterwards had to do a simple eye test. Here, another problem occurred. Even though the lady outside the door said my documents were okay, when I got inside the person at the window said they were not…She said, “We cannot accept letters or documents from the school.” This can pose a problem for many students. I had to call someone from my host family who had to bring down a document and sign to prove that I was living in their residence. I had to bother them during their busy day just so I could take my exam for my permit. I needed two different kinds of documents that had the address that I was currently living in…so strict!

I was able to get a perfect score on the permit test! All I have to do now is practice driving and make an appointment for the Driver’s License road test. I took a picture right after I got my permit and then I bought Kento lunch. After that we went home.

See you next weeeeeeek!!