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Aloha-! It’s Hikari(^-^)!

My last post on this blog was “How to get a F1 visa”, and I would like to introduce “How to have a F1 visa interview successfully,” in this post!
Even if you collect all of required documents and you fail the interview, you cannot study abroad and your effort is wasted.

The interview is the most important part to get a F1 visa.
Actually, I have gotten the F1 visa twice (in 2011&2015) and renewed it once (2016), in total I have had the interview 3 times.

You should go in front of The America Consulate 15 minutes before your appointment time. When I went there, 7-8 people were already waiting in front of there. (depends on the season).
Like the airport, when you enter, your bags get checked (There are things that are not allowed inside so please look at this link). I had a pair of scissors one time and it got taken away…😱LOL

Inside the American Consulate, electronics are not allowed. Cell phones need to be checked-in to a staff member. Depending on the season, waiting times may vary so it may be wise to take a book or a magazine to kill time. Once you go through the security checkpoint, they check your documents at that time. If there are no problems then they send you to the second floor. At this time, they will take your fingerprints while they ask you a few easy questions. Finally, the interview takes place.

You will not know what language (Japanese or English) your interview will be in until your number gets called and you move to a numbered window
(I heard that you could choose which language, but I was not given an option).
In case you get interviewed in English, slight practice may help you.

I am not sure what the criteria is to give or deny visas but this is what I think:
1. Well-justified reasons to enter the country
2. Reasons are not for immigrational purposes
3. After your study abroad, plans to return to your home country
If you can follow these three main points, then I think its okay……..

Example questions:
Why do you want to study abroad in America?
What is your occupation in Japan?
How long do you want to stay in America?
These are only a few. My interview lasted about 5 minutes.
There are kind and friendly interviewers and strict and scary looking interviewers too.
They decide on the spot if you are allowed to go to America.
By any chance you do not pass the interview, some may tell you why, but the others may tell you to leave promptly.
Your fate of your interview could be decided by the luck of the draw…😥

Make sure when you are giving your answers that there are no contradictions, as that is a red flag.
Lying is no good, but when you are asked about what you want to do after you graduate or finish your study abroad, preparing answers ahead of time is a good idea.
There are plenty of things to prepare and they should all be done properly, especially because it has gotten stricter recently…
There will be times when the interviewer passes whoever has decent answers, but there is a chance you will get someone who may not do that…it really is up to the interviewer. 😱

Good luck on getting your F1 Visas!
Make sure you check the US Embassy website for your country for more information!