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Okay, today I am going to tell you guys how to get a student visa of USA.
This website shows us how to get it and its processes. But for me, it was hard to fully understand what I need and what I should do when I was working on getting the F1 visa. So, I wanted to simply explain about it✨✨

First of all, the processes to get a student visa is:
1. Completing DS160 form, send it online
2. Paying Visa application fee
3. Paying SEVIS fee
4. Deciding the date of interview
5. Going to the American Consulate with the documents required

I think that is it. It seems very simple and easy, but it is not at all. lol

During making DS160form, you have to type in English, and every question on DS160 is English. It took forever to complete because I did not really understand English at the time.
The visa application fee is about $160, and SEVIS fee is about $200. People who are going to enter school in the USA must pay SEVIS fee in order to get F1visa. After you are accepted to enter school, you will get I-20 from school. There is SEVIS number in I-20. So, you must complete the process of entering school before applying F1visa.

This is a sample of F1visa in USA.

A  sample of I-20

Confirmation page of DS160.


Okay, next you must collect these documents:
1. Passport
2. A print of DS160 confirmation page
3. A picture (2×2, taken within 6months)
4. A print of an interview appointment page
5. I-20
6. A  receipt of SEVIS fee
7. An original of your bank statement ※If someone supports financial of studying abroad, it needs sponsor’s bank statement.
8. A document of proof of you and sponsor’s relationship. For example, if the sponsor is your parent, you have to issue your birth certificate and translate to English, and bring both.
9. The sponsor’s most recent original tax forms and the sponsor’s bank books and/or fixed deposit certificates.
10. An original of your latest transcript(English). But, from 2015, the transcript is not required to bring to the interview. Just in case;)
11. Depends on the person, bring an essay about your future plan after accomplishing your study abroad.

The next blog, I will introduce how to have the interview successfully !!

I got these samples of F1visa in this blog from these websites.