Intensive English Program

Aloha! This is Kano.

It’s been three weeks since school started. How is school? In this semester, I am taking 4 regular classes and an online class.

Sometimes I feel “I have to do my homework but I cannot concentrate!”  Haven’t you felt like that? When I cannot focus on my homework, I like to go somewhere I can concentrate such as the UH library or cafes.

Today’s blog is about UH Library( Edwin H. Mookini Library).

IEP has library tours for the new students every session. I’m going to write about some information about the library.

There are Study Rooms in UH library. You can reserve the study rooms on the homepage of UH library.

Only one reservation (1-2hr) is accepted per person within 24 hours.

Study Rooms are good place for studying or group work. In the study room, you wouldn’t bother the other people even if you study with your friend and discuss about the homework as long as you don’t talk too loud 😉

When the library is too cold for me, I usually study on the outside of the library. There are tables and outlets. So I can charge my laptop while I’m studying there.

I usually study at the library until late, but I study with my friend. If you are going to study there until late, please go with someone for safety.

Beside the study room, there are the Hawaiian section where you can read many books and resources associated with Hawaiian. There are some books available only in the library.

Also, you can borrow so many kinds of DVD in this library. Why don’t you borrow some DVDs and watch on weekends. It helps you to learn English while you are enjoying!

I shared some attractive points of UH library. Please go to the library if you like. You can refresh enough by changing the place where you study. Let’s study hard together. See you on the next blog. A hui hou.