Intensive English Program

Aloha-! It’s Hikari!
I went to Richardson Beach for Ethnobotany class last Thursday! When we got there, we found the rainbow!Lucky(^U^)♪

We are studying the relationship between people and plants and how plants relate to ethnic culture in ethnobotany class.

And Richardson beach is in Hilo side, and it is also one of places where tourists visit!!
What we did at Richardson beach is….. Collecting Limu (seaweed). lol

There are many different kinds of limu in Hawaii, and we studied Hawaiians of long ago used limu for various purposes such as food and pray. We often see limu mixed with poke, right?;)

We were collecting limus….

And many different kinds of limus has been collected !!
I did not really care about limu, but when I saw them, mmm interesting!!(^-^lol)

There were some limus that my professor does not know on the table, my classmates had fun very much!
It is very interesting to find flower and trees that exist only hawaii.
You will be able to find those easily even when you walk around, I think that is one of ways to have fun in Hawaii.

See you-!