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Aloha it’s Kano!

The weather is improving recently. I am so happy! When it’s raining, it’s little bit cold in Hilo.

When it’s cold, and I’m tired, I always want to eat pho! Today, I’m going to introduce my favorite restaurant in Hilo.

I think many people have been there since it’s popular restaurant;) The restaurant is Pho Viet!

This restaurant is located in Downtown Hilo, and always clouded with many people!

I usually order the beef pho when I go there.

My friend’s favorite is the chicken pho. It is good that we can choose our own favorite!

The beef pho is in the picture. I enjoy this pho after I add been sprouts, basil, and lime juice.

Also, this spring rolls are super delicious! I order this spring roll when I want to have a sumptuous meal. haha

I like the sauce of this spring rolls. It tastes like peanuts.

※I borrowed the pictures of the spring rolls and the exterior of the restaurant from Yelp homepage.

Please try this hot and delicious pho if you like! You might need refresh sometime:)

The address of Pho Viet is here!  80 Kilauea Ave, Hilo, HI 96720

This blog reflected my personality. Yes, I love to eat haha

I guess I will often write my blogs about food. I hope you guys will enjoy with my blogs.


See you later!