Intensive English Program


Today, we would like to share links to free cultural workshop videos made by a Hawaii Community College graduate. She majored in Hawaiian Studies.

She created these workshop videos in simple English with a lot of interesting information about Hawaiian values and craft methods.

We added subtitles to each video so please utilize the subtitles. Also, did you know you can slow down YouTube video speed?

You can change the video speed by clicking the “Settings” on the video which looks like a gear.

  • Kāpala Workshop: Kāpala means printing & stamping and she will use 4 different kinds of Hawaiian plants. You can learn what kind of usages there are for each plant.

Click the below picture or this link ( to access the YouTube video.



  • Lei Making Workshop: She will teach you how to pick plants and how to clean and cut leaves to create two kinds of lei.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Preparation

Part 3: Haku lei

Part 4: Hilo lei

Please enjoy learning Hawaiian culture from your home. You will learn English and Hawaiian culture at the same time!

Don’t forget to contact us to share your work!