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Aloha this is Kano! The final exam is just around the corner. IEP students, are you guys ready for the final? I bet IEP students cannot wait the summer! Why don you get the driver’s license in this summer? Well, I’m going to write about the driver’s license of Hawaii again. haha

I’m going to share the information for the road test. After receiving the permit, you can practice driving on the road. When you practice, you need a person who sits on the passenger seat and gives you instructions. The person must be aged 21 years or over and has one’s own driver’s license.

Last summer, my classmate taught me how to drive from A to Z because it was the first time to learn driving in my life. Since I couldn’t drive on the road yet, I was practicing in the big, vacant parking lots until I got used to driving. I think you still need some practices even if you have the license of your country. It is important to check the different traffic rules between Hawaii and your country.

Road Test Requirements

This information is from County of Hawaii’s home page. I summarized it a little bit and added some information.

This is the link:

  • Make an appointment to take the road test in Hilo. Here is the number of Hilo office. (808)961-2222
  • You must present valid unexpired instruction permit.
  • A licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age or older.
  • Current, original unexpired vehicle registration (decal must be on the license plate).
  • Current, yellow unexpired safety inspection form (decal must be on vehicle bumper).
  • Valid, unexpired Hawaii State Insurance Card.
  • All names on all documents must match.
  • Photocopies, faxes, internet printouts, policies are not accepted.
  • Vehicle must meet safety standards:
  1. Brake lights, turn signals, speedometer, and seat belts must be in working order.
  2. No cracks in the windshield
  3. Front and rear license plates must be affixed to the vehicle in factory mounts.
  4. Power windows and locks must be in working order.
  5. Legal tinted windows.
  • Vehicle must be clean (interior and exterior).
  • No Rental or company cars.

Please make sure you have everything you need.

The road test fee is $10.

Also, the issue fee of the license will be different depends on your age and the term. Please check below.

New License – 1 year (or fraction thereof)5.00
New License – 2 years (Age 72 and above)10.00
New License – 4 years (Age 18 – 24)20.00
New License – 8 years (Age 25 – 71)40.00
Provisional License (per year)(Age 16 – 17)5.00


I couldn’t pass the first road test. After that, I practiced for a month. I could pass at the second time! What I can say from my experience is that you cannot be too careful in driving a car. The examiner checks you very strictly. I drove way more carefully than I thought it was enough on the test that I could pass.

Thank you for reading. I hope my blog was helpful for you. IEP students, good luck on your final!

See you later!