Intensive English Program

Aloha! Long time no see~, I’m Hikari!
I am so sorry I have not posted the blog in while,, I have been very busy recently;0

Okay! How was Halloween ?? Did you guys dress up??
I saw some students dressed up for Halloween at school!!><

On Halloween day, we can be what we wanna be! so that day is a special day!!

Even  professors dress up for the day!! That is awesome!!^^


Time flies so fast, it is already November!! All mid-term exams are done, so HCC and UHH students maybe start to prepare for final exams..
For my major, there is no mid-term, and my grade is scored by daily assignment, participation, quiz, and final. Be careful because for every class, things like tests, homework, attendance, can all be worth something different. For example, tests can be worth 50% of your grade, but in another class, it could be worth 30%.

As you know! There are some fun events before final exams !! Thanksgiving!! Black Friday!! Cyber Monday!!!!

On Thanksgiving day, people have dinner with family and relatives and give thanks to them. Then traditionally, what they eat is “Turkey”! Of course they have to thank turkeys for being food.

Black Friday is a super sale day!! It is good chance to buy Christmas present! People make looooooong lines from early in the morning. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving day.

Cyber Monday is a like Black Friday, but on Monday…and on the internet!! But,,, people try to buy all kinds of products for Christmas presenst, so if you buy some for Christmas present, shipping will take long, so it may not be able to make it in time. (Maybe only Hawaii)

Okay, have a great November everyone;)
See you!;)