Intensive English Program

Aloha kākou! This is Noriko.
The long summer is about to end…
It’s sad but I’m kind of excited 🙂

Fall semester will start from next week Monday at IEP, HawCC (Hawaiʻi Community College) and UHH ( University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo)!
Did you already register your classes and buy the textbooks? Are you ready for the new semester?

Today, I’m going to write about

Hula course at HawCC!

We have Hula course here at HawCC, and students can study Hula as their major.

This Hula course is well known from people do hula. Many people come to Hilo to take this course.
I am the one of them 🙂

In Hawaiian Studies major, there are two courses; Kapuahi and Hula.

So, if you are majoring Hawaiian Studies, take required classes of Hawaiian Studies, and

Take Hula course’s required classes = Hula course
Take Kapuahi course’s required classes = Kapuahi course

*We had Mahiʻai (Agriculture) and Lawaiʻa (Fishing) courses about two years ago, but no more…

First of all,

Required Classes of Hawaiian Studies

As general studies, you need to take English (Reading, Writing, Speech), Math, History (I and II), Natural Science (7 credits include Lab class), and Social Science classes.

And, Hawaiʻi Language (I and II), Piko Hawaiʻi, Hawaiʻi Art Culture, Hawaiʻi Myth Culture, Hawaiʻi: Center of the Pacific.

Piko Hawaiʻi: Piko means “center” or “bellybutton” in Hawaiian. This is Geography class. I learned the place names and myths of each place in the class I took.

Hawaiʻi Art Culture: This is week end two-days class. You can choose a subject from many options such as ʻAʻahu (Costume), Lauhala, ʻOhe Kapala (Bamboo stamp), Lei Hulu (Feather Lei), Kilo Hōkū (Stargazing) etc.

Hawaiʻi Myth Culture: Hawaiian mythology class.

Hawaiʻi: Center of the Pacific: The constitution of the Hawaiian Islands or the relationships with Pacific Islands are focused by historical aspects.

Not only Hawaiian classes, but especially the contents of Hawaiian classes depends on the teachers. So it would be good to ask people who took the class before you choose a class 🙂


The class we cannot forget as a Hula major student…Hula classes.
The class is consisted of I to IV, and you need to take all the classes in order.

Hula I:ʻAihaʻa
Hula II: ʻŌlapa
Hula III: Auana
Hula IV: Huʻelepo

In the last class Huʻelepo, students go to a field trip called Huakaʻi and learn outside of the home community (Hilo).
The place to go and the schedule are different in each year, but I went to Kauaʻi island in my Huʻelepo class!

Class availability changes depending on the semester. Some classes can be canceled due to low enrollment. So when you actually register your class, please come to talk to your counselor and ask them help 🙂

Some people came to Hilo to study English and was introduced to hula, and eventually took the Hula course. This is called “Hula” course, but not everybody experienced hula before. Many students include local and international who are beginners take this class!

If you are interested in Hawaiian culture, why don’t you study in Hawaiian Studies at HCC?

I will share more information about Kapuahi course next time 🙂

See you until next time! A hui hou!