Intensive English Program

Aloha kākou! This is Noriko.
How was your first week of this semester? I had a busy week. Haha
I hope I will get used to my new school schedule soon.

Today, I am going to continue talking about Hawaiian Studies!

I talked about Hula course last time. Did you read the post? How did you like it?
(If not, then read now!)

I am going to introduce Kapuahi Foundation course today 🙂

Since Kapuahi course is also in Hawaiian Studies, you will need to take its required classes.
Same as Hula course!

English (Reading, Writing, Speech), Math, History (I and II), Natural Science (7 credits include Lab class), Social Science classes,
Elementary Hawaiʻi Language (I and II), Piko Hawaiʻi, Hawaiʻi Art Culture, Hawaiʻi Myth Culture, and Hawaiʻi: Center of the Pacific.

In addition to these classes, you will need to take Kapuahi course’s required classes; which are
Intermediated Hawaiʻi Language (I and II), and two other classes.

You can take up to 4 Hawaiʻi Language classes (Elementary Hawaiʻi Language I, II, Intermediated Hawaiʻi Language I and II) at HawCC, and you would need to take all the classes if you chose Kapuahi course.

And you would choose 2 classes of your choice.
Here is the list for classes you can choose from!

Hawaiʻi Culture I: ʻAikapu: This class focuses on the cultural traditions of Hawai’i that flourished before the abolition of the kapu system.

Hawaiʻi Spirituality: This class focuses on Hawaiian spirituality that connects with the belief and practices of Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawai’i people).

Hawaiʻi Plant Culture: Hawaiian plants class. I made a cordage out of Hawaiian plants and experienced natural dye as projects in this class.

Mele Hawaiʻi: This class is about Hawaiian chants and songs. Not only singing and performing, you will learn about the composition of Hawaiian song.

Kapuahi is a general course, so you will have more options than hula course!
All classes look interesting and enjoyable 🙂

I am currently majoring both Hula and Kapuahi course, and taking Intermediated Hawaiʻi I and Hawaiʻi Spirituality in this semester!

I love all Hawaiian classes! I look forwared to learning more about Hawaiian culture from these classes in this semester 🙂

Today, I introduced Kaphahi course.
I hope this information could help people interested in HawCC or the Hawaiian Studies!

It’s only Wednesday today! Have a good rest of your week 🙂
See you until next time, a hui hou.