Intensive English Program

Aloha kākou, this is Noriko 🙂

Yesterday, July 20, we had IEP graduation party.

Most of IEP students, teachers, tutors, advisors, and friends always support us came to join and celebrate together!

We ate lunch together first…

And after, all students received their certificates from teachers.

Four students graduated from IEP in this session. Congratulation!!

We also had a hula performance by students 🙂 So beautiful!

The graduation party was amazing.

I saw a lot of efforts students put to accomplish this far, especially those of four students who graduate and great relationships like family they have with friends and teachers.

I have never been in IEP as a student, but studying English by myself was quite difficult and long way to take. I think it would be great if I could study in this program with teachers’ support and friends who can encourage each other.

Look their smiles 🙂

Now we are going to have a summer break. Some of the students are going to leave Hilo and go back to their own countries… you will be missed.

The next session starts August 22.
We are expecting to have 12 new students to come 🙂

Please be safe and enjoy your summer break! We look forward to seeing you all in the next session.

This blog will be updated during the summer break as well, so please check it out. See you until next time, a hui hou!