Intensive English Program

Aloha! This is Noriko 🙂

How did you spend the Fourth of July (Independence Day) yesterday? Because we only get to do fireworks two times in a year and yesterday was the one of them, many people had so much fun with fireworks in Hilo last night hahaha


The week 6 has started at IEP and only a few more weeks left. Time flies so fast!

For those of students who are at the level four and intending to go college after, this session could be a little pressure for them because they would be able to enroll in Hawaiʻi Community College Fall 2017 semester if they could graduate from IEP after this session…But please not worry much. I really hope they are able to enjoy classes now 🙂
Okay…let’s not talk about study lol

I would like to write about the IEP Volcano Tour on June 19th.

First of all, do you know where Hawaiʻi Volcano National Park is?

It is so simple and easy to go! You could drive on Highway 11 to the southwest about 45 minutes from Hilo.
The national park is quite huge, so I recommend to go there by a car and look around.
Also, the entrance fees are valid for 7 days and

  • $12/individual or bicycle
  • $20/motorcycle
  • $25/private vehicle

(effective June 1, 2017)

So if you are planning to go there with more than three people, it would be cheaper to go together by one car than going as individuals!

I always take my friends or family to Volcano National Park when they come visit me from Japan. I also go there to watch hula performances. At the special mele (chant) and hula (dance) platform called Kaʻauea in the national park, they invite hula hālau from Hawaiʻi to perform once a month. When my favorite kumu hula or my friends perform, I go there to watch them!

Actually, I had performed at Kaʻauea as a performer when I was taking the hula class at HCC! That was a definitely precious experience and an honor to be a part of it…oh it’s still making me nervous 😀

If you would go to the national part a lot like me, the Annual Pass would be the best for you. It is only $30 and valid for one year 🙂
(Hawaiʻi Volcano National Park:

In this tour, we stopped by Kīlauea Visitor Center, Jaggar Museum (the lookout for Halemaumau crater), Steam Vents, Lava Tube, and Hōlei Sea Arch.

Fortunately, the weather was nice too 🙂

We had been having this volcano tour at IEP for kind of long time, but this time was special! Haha
We also visited Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts Corporation.


You could not only buy Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts but also try sample of many flavors, and have a small tour in the factory!
It is along Highway 11, so please visit here too.

We had this tour in the daytime, but I also recommend to visit Volcano National Park at night time. I actually would rather go there at night because I could see the activities of Kīlauea more clear when there is no sunlight. The sky is lit up by the lava, and it is so mystical.
If you go there when the time or day without moon, you would probably be able to watch the stars too!
Please keep in mind that Visitor Center, Jaggar Museum and other facilities close at night. And don’t forget to wear warm clothes!

Alright! That’s all for today!
We will keep update this blog and share the information. Don’t miss it 🙂
See you until next time, a hui hou!