Intensive English Program

Aloha-! Long time no seeeee, It’s Hikari( ^ω^ )

Today, I would like to introduce my major, “Hospitality and tourism major” of Hawaiʻi Community College.
The purpose of the major is learning about the tourism industry and customer services such as housekeeping, front desk, and hospitality laws. We also have to learn accounting,  bookkeeping, and marketing,,, etc
There are variations of hospitality classes and everything is required to graduate hospitality associate degree. And internship class is one of the required classes, I have never taken it yet, but the class sounds fun actually!
Currently, this is my third semester of hospitality major, and I think I am only Japanese who is learning hospitality in Hawaii Community College.

The total hospitality student is about 15… so we have to take the class with Kona side, Palamanui students.  Our professors are in Hilo, Kona, and Oahu island. How we take these classes is connecting a video camera and talking through a mic and speaker. It is very hard to listen what my professor says for me, even now I am still struggling it. lol BUT, the classes are very interesting!!

Why I decided hospitality and tourism major is because I am not going to transfer to UHH (University of Hawaii at Hilo) after graduating Hawaiʻi Community College. If I would go to UHH, my major is gonna be Liberal Arts, but I thought If I graduate with Liberal Arts, it is a little bit hard to find a job, and hospitality and tourism major is the best major in order to find a job here for me.

I am going to graduate Fall 2018, and my goal is to be a professional of customer service!! I will do my best until I achieve my goal:)

See you next time!