Intensive English Program


さらに、授業1週目では先生が各生徒のスキルを確認します。レベルをパスするには3クラス(Writing & Grammar, Reading & Vocabulary, Listening & Speaking)すべてにおいて、1セッションのクラスワーク全体(宿題、出欠席、テスト、課題等)のスコアが80%以上、さらに期末テストで80%以上の点数を獲得することで次のレベルに上がることができます。

下記が今回のレベル4の生徒さんの英文ブログです。ぜひ 読んでみてくださいね。

Right now, we have to take all class again in same level if we fail one class’s final exam, so I want to change the rule. Instead, I would like to put a new rule that we are allowed to take the advanced class if we passed that class’s exam. There are two simple reasons.

First, we need to improve weak points, so it is good to keep studying them in the same level. It is same as before; however, in the next level, we can also advance our strong points. Therefore I think it is better to study in the next level. Consequently the weak points would catch up with the strong points later.

Second, Studying in the next level would help the students who want to move on to college because after they graduate the IEP program they will get more motivated to study. I think everyone wants to learn new things at higher levels.

By studying both weak points and strong points in different levels, students can maintain motivation at a higher level. Also, students can improve their English ability more efficiently, so I would like to change the rules.