Intensive English Program


Aloha! This is Fuka. I’m a new IEP student in level 4 writing class. This is my first time to post an entry in English. I’ve been in Hilo for only two weeks, yet it feels like I have been here longer because I’ve been busy as a bee. Eating something delicious always helps me recover my energy so I want to recommend my top three favorite restaurants in Hilo.

  1. Hawaiian Style Café

First of all, everything is big here. My favorite dish is the Caesar Salad with two slices of garlic toast. It is really tasty, very healthy, and it satisfies my hunger.


  1. Bears’ Coffee Shop

I love to eat their waffles and fluffy scrambled eggs here. I can choose fresh fruits with the waffles for example, papayas, bananas, or blueberries. They also have many fillings for their eggs. I recommend ham and cheese.

  1. Puka Puka Kitchen

You can get a Japanese style box meal or “bento” here. They have 塩鯖 (salted mackerel), 蒲焼(grilled eel with sweet soy sauce) and so on. When you crave Japanese food or just want to try it, you should go there.

These are my top three favorite restaurants in Hilo.  Are you feeling hungry after reading my post?  Then, why don’t you go and have some tasty meals!