Intensive English Program

Conversation partner のNoahがブログを書いてくれました。彼はハワイコミュニティカレッジから大学生活を始め、現在ハワイ大学ヒロ校の学生です。



Aloha! It’s Noah, Intensive English Program conversation partner for the Summer. I want to share some of my experiences as a transfer student from Hawaiʻi Community College (HawCC) to UH Hilo, and my College journey thus far.  I began my studies at HawCC in Fall 2012, I was 18 and just graduated from High School earlier that year. It was always my plan to attend Community College first because I like to have smaller classes, plus it was close to home, so I wouldn’t be venturing out too much; I was still getting used to the idea of being an independent adult. I also wasn’t set on a specific degree or career field, so I wanted to get my General education course finished before I could make my decision.  I took a few classes each semester, which led me to finish a little later than most do-I finished about 3 years later. In the Fall of 2015, I received my Associate degree in Liberal Arts. I’m so grateful for the education I received here at HawCC. It was a great starting point and allowed me to get accustomed to the College-level curriculum while in a comfortable environment. I’m also fortunate that I took many online classes, which greatly prepared me for when I transferred to UH Hilo last Fall when almost all courses shifted to online learning. After graduating, I was still unsure of what I truly wanted to do as far as a career. From 2013 on, I began working in different industries ranging from retail, restaurant, and office administration. When I finished my liberal studies, I continued working, which I feel allowed me to gain real-world experience, better my speaking and communication skills, and make money as a College student. The covid-19 shutdown led to me becoming unemployed. I was working as an Attendance clerk at an Intermediate school here in Hilo when everything happened. I was already pondering coming back to school to finish two more years and receive a Bachelor’s degree, so the turn of events prompted me to make my decision to return to school. I also had more clarity in what I wanted to do and decided on majoring in English. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and in High school, was in the AP Literature class. I didn’t know if I necessarily wanted to be a teacher, but something in the arena of writing and understanding vocabulary, grammar, etc. Currently, I am about to enter my senior year as an English major, as well as taking courses towards a TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of a second language) certificate. I can definitely see myself being an English tutor or ESL teacher, and my current position as a tutor here with the Intensive English department at HawCC is a great opportunity for me to practice those skills necessary to do so. I’m grateful to be here and glad to be accepted as part of this program! Have a great rest of the Summer everyone!