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Aloha guys! I am David or Kawika in Hawaii.
I am from Chile but I feel I am from nowhere because I love camping and every place is home for me.
I’ve traveled for many years finding happiness working, studying another language and culture as well.
After this time I decided the best way to travel is camping.
Tell me what do you need when you are traveling?….. a bed during the night and food! so, go camping, it is the best choice and never a problem.
Check this out;

               – Hotels are expensive but camping is free.
               – Worry about a restroom? every single beach has a shower.
               – you are not going to feel alone never. many cool people are camping.
***You will be required to purchase a permit on some beaches on the Big Island. Please see more information here.****



              -restaurants are expensive but coconuts are free.



              – get a used car with enough room to make a bed inside and sleep there.


In conclusion, after camping you are going to feel fully addicted to the energy and freedom. My advice is “just do it!!!!” so, what are you waiting for having fun?…..