Intensive English Program


Last weekend, I had a new experience in Hilo. There was a temporary amusement park in the square. I have been to amusement parks several times in Japan, but there were many attractions that I had never seen. The bright lights and the loud music made it a completely different atmosphere from the amusement parks in Japan.
I usually don’t go to crowded and noisy places, but it was good that I could enjoy the atmosphere of being in a different country. What I found interesting was an attraction called “Zero Gravity”. Although the attraction spins at various angles, it doesn’t fall down even if it turns upside down because of centrifugal force.
Also, there were many personal announcements at the amusement park to celebrate someone’s birthday. I thought it was a unique and very interesting cultural experience because this kind of personal announcements would never broadcast like this in Japan.
I hope to experience many other cultural events like this one that are distinctly different from my home country.