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I’m going to have winter break for one week. I’m so happy because I will take time to relax during the vacation.

I’m going to Oahu with my family on Friday, December 28. Actually, I tried to go to Oahu last year, but I couldn’t go there because my wife’s schedule didn’t match mine.

It doesn’t matter to me now because we will go to Oahu this year. I think Oahu is more famous than the Big Island because there are many different kinds of good attractions in Oahu.

We are going to go to various attractions such as many beautiful beaches, good restaurants, and a lot of shopping malls.

I was told that Oahu is very interesting. For example, many tourists go there because there are special hotels with good views.

I will be able to be relax with my family. In addition, we are going to try new food and traditional Hawaiian food.

My family and I are really looking forward to this trip!