Intensive English Program

Aloha! 今週はIEP生がどんな週末を過ごしているかが分かるブログポストです。

Hi, This is Fuka.
I’m level 4 writing student and this is my second time to write the blog.
I’m in the middle of the midterm now, and I’ve been studying day after day!
I can’t wait for the weekend! So this time, I want to talk about my events of last weekend.

On Saturday, I went to “Hawaii Volcanoes National Park” with my friends.
It was hard to see the fog in the daylight but when it gets dark, we could see the red fog that came out from the volcano.
That was enormous. I could feel the great power of nature and it scared me a little bit, but that was amazing anyway.


On Sunday, my friend and her husband took me to South Point. That was my first time to go there.
That place was so beautiful with deep blue ocean and red earth.
And many people jumped into the water from the bluff. I’ve never seen that kind of steep cliff! Everything was just magnificent.

Do you have any plans for this weekend?
If you don’t and If you haven’t been to these wonderful places, I recommend you to visit them and feel the greatness of the nature 😉