Intensive English Program


On the Big Island of Hawaii, there are many kinds of delicious food
shops to eat. I love eating the food in Hilo every single day.
Two my favorite shops are Suisan and Hilo Burger Joint in Hilo.

Suisan is a fresh fish market right on Hilo Bay. You can see the fisherman bring their small boats directly to the dock and sell their fish to the market.
So you know it is super- fresh fish. Poke is a Hawaiian food. It is low fish cut in small cubes and mixed with spices. There are many flavors of poke such as Ahi Sesame
Shoyu, Hawaiian Shoyu, Spicy Ahi, Mix plate, and so on. We can choose flavors with rice and furikake. When I go to the Suisan, I am able to smell fish and the sea.

When I am in the mood for meat instead of fish., there is the Hilo Burger Joint.
This burger shop has many kinds of local burgers and side dishes. I always order the teri burger which has tomato, lettuce, meat, and pineapple with teriyaki
sauce and French fries.
They also have a garlic fries that test very good. I love to share them with my friends.