Intensive English Program




To go to school and study again was one of my dreams. When I was a teenager, I didn’t like to study at all. After I graduated from high school, even though I wanted to, I couldn’t go to university due to an illness in my family. Instead, I started working as an accountant in my hometown at an electric wire company. After I started working, I had a hard time getting used to that life.

A student’s job is studying to improve one’s self. I then realized how happy I had been as a student when I could enjoy school life without working. Studying taught me how to make an effort and overcome my difficulties. The knowledge that I had cultivated before at school has helped me throughout my life to continue improving. When I noticed that, I thought that I really wanted to be a student again, but at that time, I had to work to make a living.

However, I kept that idea in mind, and prayed it would happen someday. Three years later though, my dream came true sooner than I expected. When my husband and I decided to move to the Big Island, I did some net surfing to learn more about it, and unintentionally came across the IPE website. What attracted me was that the IEP term was only an 8 week-long Intensive program. I had been hoping to go to language school again, so to find a program that I could focus on was good news for me.

I’ve just completed my first week of classes here, and all the teachers have great teaching skills and are easily understandable so far. The assistant coordinator is very helpful and kind as well. Also, what I like even more is I am studying on a college campus. As an IEP student, not only can I go to the library, cafeteria and classroom, I can also use many of the UH facilities. It makes me feel like I’m a college or a university student! The atmosphere here is much more than just a language school, so I feel like I can enjoy that special feeling of college life. I appreciate that I can take this IEP course on a schedule that is convenient for me.