Intensive English Program

Aloha! 新型コロナの影響でハワイを離れなければならない生徒さんが何名か居ました。

There are many things I remember when I heard Hawaii. I love the comforting breeze, blue sky, and fresh, nice air, and I was attracted to Nature different from Japan. Especially, I feel that I get power from nature when I go around the Big Island and see a lot of spots. People who live on the Big Island are very kind. Everyone who I met treat me as they had known me before even if they met me the first time. Their warmness save my heart. I want to meet my host family. They are like my grandparents. They often send me e-mails with a picture, and it is written: “We miss you”. I think the stream of time in Japan is faster than on the Big Island. The atmosphere that accepts everything is like nothing else. Finally, I miss Hawaii so much.