Intensive English Program


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Why did I choose to study at the IEP? This answer is very simple. I didn’t have many choices. An officer in the NICE program on Oahu where I studied before arriving here gave me the list of English programs in the state of Hawaii, and there was the IEP Program.

I wanted to go to the Big Island, and in fact, there were just 2 programs on the Big Island. The other one was for students who wanted to enter the University of Hawaii. In other words, IEP was only one program I could go to. I wanted to stay on another island after living on Oahu for 3 months. As I researched the nature of Hawaii for an assignment in the NICE program, I learned about Mauna Kea, and I was fascinated by that sacred mountain.

In addition, the Big Island is attractive because it has an active lava flow, which is one of the rarest things in the world. Looking back on my stay for 3 months, the most attractive thing was not the nature actually, but the kind people. I am grateful that I chose this island.