Intensive English Program


We would like to introduce another student’s journal on the topic of “How do you think your English improved during your time studying at the IEP?”
Our Intensive English Program has been taught virtually since this March due to Covid. Our classes are real-time online classes. That means you will actually have chances to interact with teachers and classmates.
For language learning, it’s always great if you can use the language as much as possible. Please take a look at how this student’s English skills improved with us.

I think that my English skills have improved in many ways, especially my speaking skills. My classmates are from several countries this session. Talking with them is good practice for me. Speaking perfectly is still difficult; however, I can talk more than before. Also, I can write more smoothly. We do homework in which we have to write 10 or more sentences. Maybe because I have done such homework many times, more than 10 sentences can be written fluently now. These two points have improved thanks to this program.