Intensive English Program


June 11 is a ​​King Kamehameha Day. This is Hawaii state holiday. I took part in the online workshop of “In the Footsteps of Kamehameha”.  I know only a few stories about Kamehameha but his birth story was new for me. I realized that It was like a myth. Because of his life threatened before born, his mother gave birth in obscurity. Moreover, his mother had to live apart from her little baby to save his life. That story was really dramatic. I want to learn more about Hawaiian history and also native Hawaiian languages. Honestly, I couldn’t understand which words are the name of people and which words are the name of places. The class was actually interesting but a little bit complicated for me. After the class, I went to buy a poke bowl. Because I decided to spend the day as in Hawaii. I chose salmon with avocado and spicy ahi. I know these Hawaiian words. And that was so delicious. This is the day of my King Kamehameha Day, 2020.

Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority