Intensive English Program

サマーセッションが先週終わり、現在数週間の夏休みに入っているIEPです。Fall Iセッションに向けて準備を進めています。そろそろ秋学期に備えて学生がヒロに到着する頃ですね。

  • My favorite place is Rainbow Falls in Hawaii. It is in Hilo and is very famous. The waterfall is a small waterfall, but it has a lot of water and is powerful. When the weather is nice, the sun shines into the spray and you can see a beautiful rainbow. Rainbow Falls is the reason why I like the place where I can relax in a place rich in nature. You can enjoy nature while watching the waterfall and the rainbow. The plants around the waterfall are also tropical, and you will be amazed at the size of the trees as you climb the stone steps from the side road. It is a nice place to feel the mysterious atmosphere of Hawaii.

Photo credit: Hawaii Tribune-Herald

  • My favorite place in Hawaii is Hilo Farmers Market. Since I came to Hilo, I’ve been trying to eat local foods. This place is the best place to find them. I really obsessed with papaya right now. You can get it cheaper at the farmer’s market than at the store. The clerks are very friendly. Sometimes, they told me a recommendation and it’s always good. There are also selling soaps, T-shirts, flowers and more. If I don’t intend to buy them, I still enjoy the market by looking around.