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“제가 IEP를 선택하게 된 이유는 IEP의 블로그 때문입니다. SNS를 통해서 IEP의 수업들과 Hilo에서의 생활에 대해 자세하게 …”

Sachika Nojiri

“고등학교 졸업 후 제가 보지 못한 세계에 대해 알고 싶었습니다. 아르바이트로 모은…”

Mieko Yajima


Pre-arrival information Part #4: Flight ticket


Aloha from Hilo, Big Island! Once you get your F1 visa, probably the next thing you will prepare is your flight ticket. You may want to arrive early and enjoy the Hawaii islands before you start studying with us. Before you plan your departure date, please see below....

Pre-arrival information Part #1 : Health Insurance


Aloha from Hilo, Hawaiʻi!! This is Eri. I'm going to start a new series of blog posts focusing on those who are already admitted to the IEP and preparing to come to Hawaii. I'm sure this will be also helpful for those who are still thinking about studying with us or...

Hawaii drivers license – Part 1

Hawaii dri...

Aloha! This is Kano:) Do you have any plans for your summer vacation? Right now, Hawaii Community College students are in the middle of long summer vacation. Other than going to my hula halau every week and writing this blog every other week, I spend my time going to...