Intensive English Program

Aloha-! It’s Hikari:)

Today, I’d like to introduce my way to improve English!

My first time to study abroad to Hawaii is in 2011. At the time I really did not know English.
I was scared of hanging out with local or native speaker, so I have always been with Japanese friends.
One day I went to the party including local and native speakers, and I had a wider circle of friends!!
After that, I came to spend time with local and native speakers, and my English skill have improved significantly!!

For me, everything that I hangout with them is study! like going shopping, watching movies, going to the beach.
You’ll study the vocabulary, how to use the word, and how to say this situation..etc, if you spend time with native speakers:)
That is the way I’ve improved my English skills!!

Malaho-! see ya next week;)