Intensive English Program

Aloha! This is Noriko 🙂

It’s sunny in Hilo, finally! I missed the sun!!

I want to go swim on days like this…so I’m going to show you my recommended beach

Where is your favorite beach?

I often go to Carlsmith Beach Park in Keaukaha!

If you live in Hilo, you must have been there at least one time…

One of the local hot spots!
You can enjoy snorkeling too 🙂

And above all,
You can meet turtles!!

Can you see it?
I see turtles every time I go there…I think.
I might be just lucky. lol

Some people think Kona has the best beach in big island
But, there are so many beautiful beaches you should visit in Hilo too!

I am going to go swim now 🙂 haha
See you later! A Hui Hou