Intensive English Program

ALOHA! It’s Kano. It is raining in Hilo recently. How are you guys doing?

Today, I’m going to write about my favorite thing in Hawaii Community College (HCC).

As you can see from the title, my favorite thing in HCC is the rich nature.

I like the garden of HCC since I was an IEP student. I was excited to see everything such as birds and trees when I just came here.

I found some birds were singing, and looked like they were discussing but couldn’t understand their language though. haha.

I’d like to show some pictures of the trees I found in HCC.

Pua kenikeni was blooming! It gave off a sweet scent.

There are a kukui tree and ti trees!Also, kupukupu and laua’e are growing under the kukui tree.

In front of the IEP classrooms, there are a lot of ti trees. Beautiful:)

I introduced some trees I found around the IEP classrooms.

Please go walk and find what is growing for refreshing if you like!

Mahalo for reading!

See you next time!