Intensive English Program


Today, we would like to share an article from a magazine that our level 2 Writing & Grammar students created in the Spring II session.

Current Volcano Activities

First of all, we would like to share the latest message from our Coordinator about the current volcanic activity of this island.
There are a few useful websites. Please check them out.

Our Administration is monitoring the current situation and has been providing faculty and staff with timely updates.  Here are a few helpful websites to update us on the current situation:

Hawaii Community College is located 23 miles/37 km away from.  There could be a heightened level of vog around the State of Hawaii.  We asked students to stay away from the lava area to allow emergency crews to assist with residents in the area.

Hawaii Community College is OPEN.  We will follow all safety precautions as directed by the University of Hawaii Administration and the County of Hawaii Civil Defense.  We will notify our students with any changes to the current situation. 

No Rain No Rainbow

Now, I would like to talk about the magazine that level 2 students created the last session. The magazine title is “No Rain No Rainbow” which means in order to achieve your goal, you have to put your efforts and overcome difficulties. The title is perfect for international students!

Level 3 student’s interview

Today, I’m going to share an article about an IEP student.  This article, of course, was written by a level 2 student. It’s part of their writing practice and their teacher assisted them by going through several revisions. She interviewed a level 3 student.

She came to Hilo this March from Aichi. Aichi is the center of Japan. She is interested in immigration from Japan to Hilo, so she chose to study abroad in Hilo.
Therefore, she wants to learn about the history of immigrants in Hawaii. I asked why she wants to study English. She said when she listed to foreign music, she
didn’t understand the lyrics meaning, so she thought she wants to learn English. Her dream for the future is to work at a hotel, so she wants to use English in her job.
She likes how easy it is to go to the beach in Hilo, but she imagined that Hilo’s beaches were similar to Honolulu’s. Therefore, she is kind of sad about Hilo’s beaches.
However, she said she wants to recommend Hilo to her friends because Hilo has a lot of nature and many interesting histories.

It’s interesting to learn why IEP students chose to come to Hilo and how they are doing in Hilo.

This magazine is a total of 20 pages long so I have a lot more articles to share. Please wait for our next blog!