Intensive English Program

Aloha kākou! This is Noriko.
Next week is Week 5… that means it’s already a half way of this Fall II session!
My school HawCC also have a month left, and it’s getting busy for preparing final projects and exams! Time flies so fast…

Today, I’d like to share about the linguistic exchange 🙂
It was on Nov. 9.

We have this event 1 to 3 times in a year. IEP students visit the Linguistics class at UHH.

It is an opportunity to talk with non-native speakers/language students for UHH students in the Linguistics class, and also a chance to talk with native speakers for IEP students.
This event would be a great time for both UHH and IEP students 🙂

One of Level 4 students wrote about this event in the previous post, so please check this out as well 🙂

I think the best way to improve a speaking skill is to talk with native speakers. But it is not easy for all people, is it?

We hope IEP students could feel more comfortable to talk with English speakers through this event, and they’ll be motivated to study English 🙂

Try to talk with local students!
Many students in HawCC are interested in other countries, or have taken language classes before 🙂
Because IEP is in the same campus as HawCC, you should take an advantage of it!


There is no class on next Thursday and Friday due to Thanksgiving Day.
After this short break, we will have TOEFL test! Good luck 🙂

See you until next time!
A hui hou, have a good weekend.