Intensive English Program

Aloha-! It’s Hikari:)

Fall semester has finally finished! I hope everybody is enjoying winter break<3
Today’s blog is gonna be introducing my friend who graduated University of Hawaii at Hilo this semester, and I asked him couple questions about his school life!!

His name is Katsuki Kobayashi!

This muscular man has been living Hilo since August, 2011, and he entered IEP at the time.
He graduated IEP in December 2011 and entered Hawaii Community College from Fall 2012.
After graduating HCC, he transferred University of Hawaii at Hilo in Fall 2015. And This Fall, he graduated UHH!
I asked him how his school life (For about 6 and half years ) was!

Q1.What did you feel the good points of IEP?
A.One of good point was there were a lot of opportunities to get more close to IEP students who come from foreign countries than HCC or UHH. I felt IEP was not only helping me to improve English, but it also helped to grow his humanity.

↑Katsuki when he was a IEP student

Q2.What was the hardest thing in your school life?
A.The amount of tests and assignments! And when I conflict with my ex-roommates…Maybe..

Q3.Is there anything that you felt through your school life of six and half years?
A. Instead of saying “I can or cannot study”, you need to persevere and study in order to accomplish your goals. The tests’ results will be better as much as you study hard. I felt that time management is very important too. When you have assignments and tests at the same time, you have to divide your time to study for the tests and do assignments until the deadline. Also, I usually took longer to do class activities than other classmates because my English is not perfect like native speakers, but my professors and classmates were very understandable and always supported me!!

Thank you Katsuki, Congratulations!!!

See you-!