Intensive English Program

**From the 2020 Fall semester, the regulation has been updated. Until we update our post, please refer to this page. These requirements still apply to those IEP students who are taking 2 sessions or more.**

Aloha from Hilo, the Big Island!
Questions about health requirements are also popular from new students.

!This article is applicable to F1 students only!

Hawaii Community College and Intensive English Program require 2 types of health requirements documents.
These documents are not required when you apply to the IEP nor the Hawaii Community College so you can take some time.

1. MMR

The University of Hawaii system requires F1 students (for IEP students, if you are taking 2 sessions or more) to submit a proof of receiving MMR shots or a laboratory report to show your MMR immunity.

MMR is Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. In some countries, children are required to take these shots so if your country has some sort of child medical records, you can ask your Dr. to complete the Health Requirement Form in English based on the medical record.

2. TB (Tuberculosis)

TB test is required after you arrive in Hawaii/US. You can take the test at the Student Health Services at the University of Hawaii at Hilo campus. We will show the office on the 3rd day of orientation and explain further so please do not worry. This test shows if you have ever been exposed to tuberculosis.