Intensive English Program

Aloha! This is Kano. How have you guys been? Today, I’m going to share about the beautiful nature, myth, and plants of Hawaii.

I posted the blog about Kohala last time. Today’s blog is about Punaluʻu! I went to Punalʻu for huakaʻi of the Geography class.

The host told us about many things about hills and mountains around the famous black sand beach. Here is the one of the myths that I learned.

Pu’u ʻEnuhe means Caterpillar hill. The name of this hill was named after the story of Kumuhea who got married with the most beautiful woman in Kaʻū. Kumuhea was a son of Kāne who is the one of  four major gods in Hawaii. Kumuhea has two body form, as a human and secretly as a caterpillar. This hill was the place where Kumuhea and his wife lived. After married with Kumuhea, the wife was getting skinnier because Kumuhea did nothing to provide food for his wife. Everyone was worrying about her. When people went to the hill, they saw the skinny lady living with a big caterpillar! To save and bring her back to home, they chopped Kumuhea into small pieces.

Today, many small caterpillars are still seen in Kaʻū, and they are thought to be small pieces of Kumuhea. I summarized the story, and there are little bit different endings on this story depending on what book you read.


Also, It was really beautiful place. We could see many different plants there!


Naupaka Kahakai. Naupaka has a famous legend too!

And this is Akulikuli. Akulikuli is a kind of succulents. According to the teacher, some people put akulikuli when they make poke! I bit akulikuli for curious, and It was a little bit salty. I want to try poke with akulikuli someday! After I get home, I couldn’t recall the name of akulikuli, and my friend taught me on instagram. haha


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. In Hawaiʻi, there are many different legends or stories of the places. It’s interesting! If you guys are interested, it would be really nice to explore and learn about the place on this island. Thank you for reading!

A hui hou!