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Aloha! This is Kano!
How are you guys doing?
My car has been broken since the last week. I’m kind of shocked mentally and economically. haha
However, it was not accident, and no one got injured. Please don’t worry:)

In the last week, I truly understood the significant of road assistance service and towing service. Even if we maintain well, we cannot avoid the car troubles perfectly. Well, I’m going to share about some services that help us when we are in the car troubles.

My car stopped working in front of my house. So it was not a big deal.
Since my auto insurance included the road assistance service, I called the insurance company and explained what happened to my car. After that the insurance company set up towing service for me. The towing company took my car to a repair shop two miles away from my house. I think it depends on how far you need, but the insurance company did not charge me any extra fee. (Towing fee was included in my insurance plan.)

It is good to pay for the road service option of the insurance just like me, but there is another way too. Many of my friends are the members of AAA.
AAA has not only insurance plans, but also road services. Once you become a member of the road service, you can receive the emergency service. For example, they provide the treatments for flat tire, vehicle lockout, towing, and dead battery.

I recommend you to be a member of these kinds of services if you are planning to buy your own car, or driving without these. Please research about the services if you like. I hope this post is useful for you!

Thank you for reading! A hui hou!