Intensive English Program

Aloha everyone, it’s Hikari!!
Today is Spring I session’s Graduation Party!! Time flies!:0
Congratulations on your graduation, Momo and Shiho!!
Unfortunately, Shiho is going back to Japan after this session,
but I remember the moment I met her for the first time on the first day of the orientation.

One of good thing to study abroad is expanding the connection between your home country and foreign countries!!
Some students are going back to their home countries after this session too, but I believe that we will meet again;)

Even though some IEP students could not pass or graduate, but I’m sure that you guys have improved your English more than the last session, so please keep your confidence.

After 2 weeks break, Spring II session is going to be started! I’m already excited to see new IEP students!!;)

See ya next week,