Intensive English Program

Aloha! It’s Hikari!It’s been a while since I do not post the blog..

So, I would like to talk about my study abroad life in Hilo, Big Island!!

My first study abroad was in 2011 to the University of Hawaii at Hilo. I have been to Hawaii couple times, but I have never lived here like study abroad. So, everything over here was the first time for me and I felt so fresh and stimulating.  At the same time, I also felt anxious because I could not understand English and people here did not understand my English, and I was homesick so I could not enjoy my study abroad life in the beginning,

There were chances to make friends from foreign countries when school started, but I only made friends from my home country. After a month passed during my study abroad, I thought I was wasting my precious time while I was here. My friends from my country invited me to a party and I built up the courage and went. Thanks to that opportunity, I was able to make new friends from all over the world. From that time, my English improved from being exposed to it more often. There are a lot of things that cannot be learned in school, everything I did was a learning experience and as I hung out more with my friends, I grew my vocabulary and my speaking skills. More than anything, I was able to learn about the culture here in Hawaii. I grew to like this place called Hawaii day by day. I experienced culture shock to things like, “Hawaiian Time,” “Everything is going to be okay” mentalities, but I liked it too.

My study abroad life has finished after 4 months.
I thought I was supposed to be able to learn and expand my English skill more, but I had to go back to my home country and keep going to University there. After going back home to my country, I was in a dilemma. Everything at back home started to feel boring and I wanted to have more experiences like my study abroad life. So, in 2012 I quit my university and decided to go back to Hawaii. However, because of financial issues, I worked for 3 years to save money and moved to Hawaii. During the 3 years, in order to not forget my English, I tried to message my English speaker friends. University was expensive so I decided to enter Hawaii Community College. However, because I am an international student, there were conditions for me to fulfill before I could enter HCC. One of those conditions was to graduate from IEP. That is when I first learned about IEP. One of my friends had graduated from IEP so I asked him about it and decided to enroll in IEP. So finally in Spring 2015, I came back to Hawaii.

To be continued next week Monday!