Intensive English Program

Aloha-! It’s Hikari!

I am going to continue Part2 of my studying abroad life(^U^)

In 2015, I returned here (Big Island) the first time in 3 years, and I entered into IEP.

I was a full-time student (Full-time students need to get F1 visa).
I took a placement test which figures out each student English skill level and out of the 4 levels, finds the level which suits student’s English skill during orientation of IEP. When you pass level 4, it means you graduate from IEP. And you can finally enter into Hawaii Community College.
The result of my placement test was “Level 3”, I only missed 2 points for Level 4. In this situation, some students might negotiate to level up, and I was also going to, but I thought I should take level 3 class one day, then I should decide to level up or stay level 3.

The first day of school, I took writing, reading, and listening & speaking classes. I felt “It’s so hard!”, I thought even though my result was nearly level4, it said “YOU ARE LEVEL 3”. I did not negotiate and decided to study English from level 3. I also thought it’s not good to feel rushed to learn something. Maybe shortcut of being English master is keeping studying steadily at your own pace.

One of the good things of IEP was everyone included teachers is friends no matter what your level.

IEP is a school but also, I felt it is like home. In fact, My friends and I are still good friends since I was IEP student. The reason why everybody is friends is IEP has a variety of activities and events, and if you join these, you can naturally make friends. During the final and midterm week, My classmate and I used to go to University of Hawaii at Hilo in the middle of the night to study :0
For me, IEP was hard and strict, but It made my English skill that much better.

In August of 2015, I graduated from IEP, and in January of 2016, I entered into Hawaii Community College. Now I am still a student of HCC.
There are still a lot of things that I do not know here, so I am going to keep studying!! I believe that we can be English master if we continue to work so hard;)

That is all of my studying abroad life, Mahaloooo!