Intensive English Program

Hi, this is Fuka. I’m level 4 student.
Today, I want to introduce Taishoji (大正寺) in Hilo, which was built about 100 years ago.
I’m going to talk about three big events that we can join casually!

1. The Flower Festival

The flower festival is one of the big events that is held at Taishoji on April 8th. People decorate the room with beautiful flowers, and we pour sweet tea over the small statue of the baby Buddha to celebrate Shakyamuni, Buddha’s birthday.

2.The Bon Dance

Bon dance is a traditional dance in Japan. Japanese people have Obon holiday in summer to celebrate the spirits of departed ancestors because they believe that the spirits come back in that season. At the Bon Dance, people dress in traditional clothes; for festival like Summer Yukata, or Happi, and enjoy dancing and delicious foods. This is held at the end of July at Taishoji.

3. Joya no Kane (New Year’s Eve Bell)

This event is held on December 31 to send off the old year. “Joya” means to cut off our worldly desires and get ready for the new year with a pure heart. In Buddhism, it is said that the humans have 108 kinds of worldly desires. We can remove them by tolling a bell 108 times at temple.

These are the three big events that are held at Taishoji, but they have many more interesting events or service for each season. Besides, the people who keep that temple are so kind and friendly. If you are interested in Japanese religion, or just to enjoy the events, you can visit Taishoji anytime!!

Thank you for reading!