Intensive English Program

Aloha from Hilo, Big Island!
This post will talk about items that our former students thought that they didn’t need to bring from their countries. It’s the opposite of the last blog.

Of course, each student has different opinions on this but please refer below for your information.

1. Notes, Loose-leaf papers, Binders

You are here to study! Many former students brought paper items from their countries. Depending on where you are from, the size of American paper items is different from other countries. Some teachers require students to submit assignments with specific sized papers so it’s probably the best to purchase when you get here.

2. Rice cooker

If you are from a country where you eat rice daily, you may want to eat rice every day over here as well. We had former students who brought their own rice cooker but luckily they got to borrow one from their apartment landlord.  Of course, the number of available rice cookers is limited so it’s not guaranteed that you can borrow one. However, Hawaii people eat rice a lot. Even McDonald serves rice with egg for breakfast menu! So, you can easily purchase one cheap simple rice cooker at stores. So, your rice cooker can be the bottom of your packing list.

3.  Converter

Recent laptops and cell phones charger are made for the wider range of voltage so you can use them fine in most of the countries.  In Hawaii, most of the plugs are with two holes. Our former students recommended avoiding to bring hairdryers, hair irons, and other items, that get hot, from your countries. It’s safer to purchase those items that you use daily in Hilo. The price is not that pricey.

4. Water bottles/ tumblers

Former students remembered that they were heavy and took a lot of space in their luggage. In Hawaii, Hydro flask is a popular water bottle that keeps cold and hot temperatures very long time. You can find them easily at stores in Hilo.